RC-WinTrans can be used in conjunction with translation memory products from SDL and text file-based dictionaries from RC-WinTrans.

Translation memory (TM) use is fully integrated into RC-WinTrans via the TM Workbench Add-On described below. This add-on allows access to a TM's contents for finding and applying translations while working with RC-WinTrans. Further functionality for maintaining a TM's contents (adding, deleting, and modifying entries) is provided for SDL Trados TMs and for RC-WinTrans text file (.txt/.tmx) dictionaries.


SDL Trados TM 
Create, edit and use an SDL Trados translation memory (.sdltm) with RC-WinTrans. A TM can be expanded with new entries and updated by modifying or deleting texts.


Trados™ V3.0 through SDL Trados™ V7.5
Support for Trados TMs has been an important RC-WinTrans feature for nearly 15 years. The well-integrated solution has been very popular with translators and localization professionals who have enjoyed and relied upon the tools' combined effectiveness.

Current support status: Versions 3.0 through 7.5 of Trados products are no longer offered by the manufacturer but are still supported by RC-WinTrans.


RC-WinTrans TM Workbench 
The Translation Memory Workbench Add-On extends RC-WinTrans' functionality with access to a translation memory file (.sdltm) from SDL Trados. The add-on connects with an SDL Trados TM to quickly and easily supply translations while working with RC-WinTrans. With the TM Workbench a selected TM can also be expanded with new entries and updated by modifying or deleting texts.

Opened in its own window outside the main RC-WinTrans application, the TM Workbench has multiple display panels, including one listing the TM's contents, another listing the results of a search, and two more comparing translation units (source and target texts) in the TM and in RC-WinTrans.

See the online help for the TM Workbench for further details.

Functional Integration Summary
The integrated TM access supports several translation tasks within RC-WinTrans that are centered around finding, comparing, applying and saving translations.

  • Find and get translations: search a TM for matching translations and apply it to the selected item.
  • Save translations: save a translation(s) to an SDL Trados TM.
  • Automatic translation: get translations from a TM to translate all or a selection of the text resource items in a translation project.
  • Auto-find and auto-save: use automated functions for finding, getting, and saving translations from/to a translation memory.
  • TMX file import and export capabilities (Trados and SDL Trados only).
  • Microsoft terminology (TBX) import ("TM Workbench for SDL Trados TMs" only).