For more than ten years, RC-WinTrans has been about providing solutions, both for the localization of software and for the people involved in the process. This approach has not only won us the respect and confidence of our customers, it has also served to create a product that is continually evolving to better serve the needs of its users. Now more than ever, RC-WinTrans users get what they want and need in a localization tool, and that translates into a variety of benefits, from productivity to efficiency to a job well done.

Product Solutions
The RC-WinTrans product line has something for everyone on the localization team:
  • Quick and efficient localization plus project management and customization options for developers, project managers, and translators with the Global Edition .
  • Complete set of translation and data analysis features for translators using the Translator Edition (to translate projects created with the Global Edition).
  • An extended licensing model (the Translator Group License ) for a number of individuals working together on large localization projects, an economic alternative to purchasing multiple licenses.
ROI (Return of Investment)
RC-WinTrans provides value you can see with a wide range of features designed to improve the quality of your work and reduce localization expenses:
  • Project management: multiple project file handling within a single workspace, statistics overview, project reports, price calculation et al.
  • Assisted translation: simultaneous translation of repeated items (with the option of translating identical items differently), integrated use of Trados translation memories and dictionaries, special filters that let you sort data in various ways,plus the ability to mark items and add supporting information (alternate translations, notes, re-check/task markers, etc.).
  • Context views and editing: WYSIWYG (What You See Is What You Get) display of menus, dialog boxes, and .NET Forms lets you see items as they appear in their original context while specialized editors let you modify the layout of both dialog boxes and .NET Forms.
  • Quality assurance checks: hotkeys, placeholders, leading and trailing spaces, text fit, overlapping items, spelling, uniform translation, etc.
  • Secure data update processes: automatic notification of changes made to source files, changes preview prior to update, clear indication of changes to user, changes history, and preservation of current translations with absolutely no loss of information.
  • Advanced system design for unlimited customization and effective problem-solving: open and accessible technological basis lets you adapt and extend RC-WinTrans to meet your specific requirements with minimal time and effort.
Ask the Experts (Support and Beyond...)
Our first priority is helping our customers meet their goals in the best manner possible. In addition to the professional assistance provided by our support team, we also offer services to accommodate individual requests and requirements. The consultation is free and you can rest assured that we will work hard to do the job skillfully, quickly, and satisfactorily, all at a fair price that won't break your budget.
  • Free general support for all of our customers.
  • Extended product support with priority response time to ensure best results and unimpeded workflow.
  • One-on-one developer consulting with our own development experts to assist in creating new and customized functionality and solutions.
  • Custom support for finding and creating solutions tailored to meet your own individual specifications.