Update: Machine Translator 5.3

May 23, 2021: The DeepL product "DeepL API free" can be used with the new Machine Translator.
Just enter your "DeepL API free" API key in the "Configuration" dialog and check "DeepL API free" key.

See more at:

  - DeepL API Free...
  - MT 5.3 Release Notes...

MT Add-On license holders can download the add-on on our customer download page.

New Service Release Available: RC-WinTrans

March 20, 2021: A new RC-WinTrans 11 service release is available. Version 11.5.4 updates the RC-WinTrans software with the latest additions, news and improvements.

For details see the "What´s New" page and the RC-WinTrans 11 Release Notes...

Download a complimentary copy and try RC-WinTrans 11 for free: RC-WinTrans Demo Version download...

RC-WinTrans 11 license holders can download the latest Build-Version for free from the RC-WinTrans customer download area.

New release: TM Workbench 4.0

March 17, 2020: The RC-WinTrans TM Workbench add-on has been improved.

New features:
  1.  Allowing multiple translations for identical source text segments can be turned Off/On.
  2.  "Found" list with delete and edit commands.
  3.  Toolbar buttons for Delete, Edit and New translation unit.

Release Notes...

MT Add-On license holders can download the add-on on our customer download page.

Update: Machine Translator 5.2

March 10, 2020: DeepL Access Error: The HTTP security protocol required for use was changed, making the DeepL MT service inaccessible.

Release Notes...

MT Add-On license holders can download the add-on on our customer download page.

New Service Release Available: RC-WinTrans 11.4

January 07, 2020: A new RC-WinTrans 11 service release is available. Version 11.4 updates the RC-WinTrans software with the latest additions, improvements, and fixes.

For details see the "What´s New" page and the RC-WinTrans 11 Release Notes...

Download a complimentary copy and try RC-WinTrans 11 for free: RC-WinTrans Demo Version download...

RC-WinTrans 11 license holders can download the latest Build-Version 11.4 for free from the RC-WinTrans customer download area.

New Add-On Release: Machine Translator 5.1

February 11, 2019: The latest Version 5.1 of RC-WinTrans's Machine Translator extends its capabilities to include machine translations from DeepL Pro and uses the new Microsoft Translator V3 (see the release notes for details).

Machine Translator Release Notes...

MT Add-On license holders can download the add-on on our customer download page.

Visit the DeepL website...

New Machine Translator 5.0

January 18, 2019: The latest Machine Translator (V5.0) replaces the VBA-based Versions 2.0 through 4.5 of the add-on. Featuring new integration between RC-WinTrans and the machine translation services from Google and Microsoft.

Release Notes...

Version 5.0 of the Machine Translator is compatible with RC-WinTrans Versions 11.2 and higher.

RC-WinTrans 11.3 Now Available

January 17, 2019: The new RC-WinTrans has updates for integration with the Machine Translator and TM Workbench Add-Ons, a new "Data Sources" view for automatic translation, filter for items with notes, and additional shortcuts/hotkeys for quicker access to certain dictionary/TM functions.

For details see the "What´s New" page and the RC-WinTrans 11 Release Notes...

Download and try RC-WinTrans 11.3 for free: RC-WinTrans Demo Version download...

Free download of the latest Build-Version 11.3 for RC-WinTrans 11 license holders:
RC-WinTrans customer download area...

TM Workbench 3.0 Released; MT Add-On 5.0 Coming in January 2019

November 06, 2018: The latest version of RC-WinTrans' Translation Memory Workbench (3.0) is available. It includes support for importing SDL MultiTerm data and adds shortcuts for frequently used commands.

TM Workbench Release Notes: http://www.rc-wintrans.schaudin.com/addons/TMWorkbench/SDLTrados/Index.htm#Release_Notes.htm

Machine Translator Add-On announcement: the newly remade MT Add-On will be Version 5. The scheduled release date is January 2019.

New RC-WinTrans 11.2 Released; Newly Remade MT Add-On Announcement

April 04, 2018: Several updates to the RC-WinTrans 11 software come together in the current release, Version, now available for download and purchase. This version has better handling for repetitions and source files selection and resolves certain issues impacting other areas. Check the Release Notes... for additional information on changes.

RC-WinTrans 11.2 and later versions have been prepared to support the upcoming Version 5.0 of the Machine Translator Add-On. Changes to the newly remade MT Add-On are primarily technical and will improve usage and accessibility.

RC-WinTrans 11.2 download page (for Version 11 license holders)...

Available Soon: Service Release - RC-WinTrans 11.1

December 08, 2017: A service release for RC-WinTrans 11 is about to be isssued, making the most recent improvements and fixes available to all users. The RC-WinTrans Demo Version already includes the updates and can be downloaded for free. The complete latest Version will be ready for downloading by December 15, 2017.

The most significant updates featured in the release affect the command line tool. Two new commands have been added as well as new options and an extended output. There are also fixes included for various minor to moderate issues reported since the initial release.

Look for RC-WinTrans 11.1 in the week to come. The service release can be downloaded for free by existing Version 11 license holders.

RC-WinTrans 11 Official Release!

May 23, 2017: RC-WinTrans 11, the latest version of our localization software, has been made available in the customer download area. We are pleased and excited to offer this most complete and effective tool for translation professionals of all levels.

Further details on the changes and improvements found in Version 11 are described here:
What´s New...
and here:
Release Notes...

Download and try RC-WinTrans 11 for free:
RC-WinTrans Demo Version download...

Version 11 is compatible with previous RC-WinTrans Versions 8 through 10. Discounted purchase prices for updates from previous versions of RC-WinTrans can be viewed in our online shop.

Announcement: Next New Version - RC-WinTrans 11 - May 2017 Release

April 24, 2017: After much planning and preparation the release date for the next new major version of RC-WinTrans is getting closer. This is absolutely one of the most feature-packed releases of our software to date. Some of the more prominent components making their debut in Version 11 are:
  • the RC-WinTrans QuickShip Edition offering fast, free, and simple exchange of translations with supplementary data for improved accuracy and efficiency.
  • a new look and extended functionality for the user interface- now available in Japanese language.
  • expanded display and description text capability for notes, tasks, and re-check markers.
  • fully remade command line processing and interface plus command line editor.
  • import/export support improved for TMX files and added for XLIFF 2.0 files.
Read more about what's included with RC-WinTrans 11 here (What´s New)...

Version 11 is compatible with previous RC-WinTrans Versions 8 through 10. Special update pricing will be offered to existing license holders.

Support for JSON Files

August 21, 2016: JSON files (.json) are supported to be translatable with RC-WinTrans 10 (build version 10.4.1.x and later).

json.org: Introducing JSON...

RC-WinTrans 10.4 Service Release (July 28, 2016)

July 28, 2016: A new service release of RC-WinTrans 10 is available. RC-WinTrans 10.4 contains improvements and fixes affecting various features and functions in the RC-WinTrans localization environment. See the RC-WinTrans Release Notes for a list of changes.

Release Notes...

Version 10 license holders can download the service release for free from our customer download area.

RC-WinTrans 10 Download Page...

RC-WinTrans 10 Is Here! (February 28, 2015)

February 28, 2015: The next main version of our popular software translation tool is now available for purchase, download and evaluation.

RC-WinTrans 10 provides the greatest range of support for exchanging, updating and translating data in software files. It features new multi-language views with direct, simplified access to important commands and information, plus options for displaying the views' content in 11 different languages. Its processing ability is also superior, making Version 10 the fastest, most comfortable choice for localizing software.

RC-WinTrans 10 is compatible with previous RC-WinTrans Versions X8 and 9. Special update prices are being offered to existing license holders. Please visit our online shop for pricing.

Details and free evaluation copy download:

- What´s New
- RC-WinTrans 10 Release Notes
- RC-WinTrans 10 Demo Version download page

RC-WinTrans 10 Scheduled for Release in Early 2015 (January 31, 2015)

January 31, 2015: The release of the next main version of RC-WinTrans is just a few weeks away. In March 2015 Version 10 of the widely-used software tool will offer greater localization power with these and other changes and additions:
  • multi-language views with interfaces available in 11 different languages (English, German, Swedish, Dutch, French, Italian, Spanish, Polish, Russian, Japanese and Chinese Simplified) make it easier to find what you need to get the job done.
  • the new views provide centralized access to data and commands, as well as a variety of sample files and projects. Getting started and working with RC-WinTrans is faster and easier than ever.
  • improved display of project languages, which can now be viewed together (side by side) or in different combinations in the main "Project" window.
  • modified Import and Export Assistants for exchanging data with text files and Microsoft Excel files; new color display for Excel spreadsheet entries
  • new statistics display with "Words" dialog listing all detected words and repetitions.
      What´s New...
      Release Notes...

Check back with us soon to learn more about RC-WinTrans 10 and get your copy. We'll post a news announcement here on our website and as part of the RC-WinTrans News Service when the release becomes available.

Now Available: RC-WinTrans 9.4 (February 24, 2014)

February 24, 2014: Download the new Version 9.4 of RC-WinTrans to get the latest features, updates and fixes implemented for the software. Primary changes affect support for dictionaries and (Trados) translation memories, MS Excel import/export operations, multi-line text translation and Windows 8.1 compatibility.

Details and download:

- What´s New
- RC-WinTrans 9 Release Notes
- RC-WinTrans 9 Download Page

New TM Workbench Version 2.0 Released (February 24, 2014)

February 24, 2014: The TM Workbench Add-On is a fully integrated solution for accessing, applying and updating TM data while working with RC-WinTrans. Version 2.0 concentrates commands for (Trados) TMs as well as dictionaries based on .txt and .tmx files. It also supports multi-line text translation.

Receive a free copy of the TM Workbench with any purchase of RC-WinTrans 9.4. Current license holders interested in obtaining the add-on should direct an e-mail inquiry to Schaudin.com's support team.

More information about how the TM Workbench Add-On works to support and improve the translation process can be found in the add-on's online help system.

Announcement: RC-WinTrans 9.4 in January 2014 (January 10, 2014)

January 10, 2014: Schaudin.com is in the final stages of preparing the latest version of its RC-WinTrans software- Version 9.4- for release at the end of January.

Version 9.4 will introduce updates to translation memory integration, like the new TM Workbench Add-On (see previous news entry), as well as to the MS Excel import/export operations, which are exclusively managed by an RC-WinTrans add-on in the new release. The Translation Edit Bar has been improved as has the editing and saving of multi-line texts which are often used in .NET resources. Multi-line texts can be edited, saved, and retrieved from a translation memory.

The RC-WinTrans 9.4 software has been checked for the new Windows 8.1. V9.4 is scheduled for release at the end of the month of January 2014 when it will be available as a free maintenance update for all RC-WinTrans 9 license holders.

New TM Workbench Add-On Coming in January 2014 (January 10, 2014)

January 10, 2014: A new Version 2.0 of the RC-WinTrans Add-On "TM Workbench" has been developed for use with the next RC-WinTrans 9 service release (V9.4). This add-on improves the TM Workbench to support multi-line texts and maintain the contents of a translation memory. It also adds support for modifying and maintaining the contents of RC-WinTrans text file dictionaries.

Version 2.0 of the TM Workbench is scheduled for release at the end of the month of January 2014. The new version will be made available as a free add-on component to all RC-WinTrans 9 license holders (capable of being downloaded and installed separately from the upcoming RC-WinTrans 9.4 application).

RC-WinTrans 9.3 - Expanded and Improved Localization Environment (June 28, 2013)

June 28, 2013: The latest version of RC-WinTrans (V9.3.1.2) has been released and made available for download and for purchase. The software update adds support for MFC Ribbon Bar and user resources, improvements to functionality for DFM, XAML/XML and WPF files, the command line tool, and importing from translation projects and existing translated files.

Details and download:

- What´s New
- RC-WinTrans 9 Release Notes
- RC-WinTrans 9 Download Page

Announcement: Support for MFC Ribbon Bar Resources Coming in May/June 2013 (February 12, 2013)

February 12, 2013: The next service release of RC-WinTrans 9- Version 9.3- will feature localization support for MFC ribbon bar resources in binary Win32 EXE and DLL files and the source ribbon XML file *.mfcribbon-ms. For RC files, ribbon bars are localized by translating the *.mfcribbon-ms XML file and replacing the translated file name in the #include statement in the RC file (with RC-WinTrans).

Read more at Microsoft (English): "Ribbon Bar Designer (MFC)"

Read more at Microsoft (German): "Menüband Designer (MFC)"

Version 9.3 is scheduled for release in May/June 2013.

Service Release - RC-WinTrans (February 11, 2013)

February 11, 2013: The current Version updates the RC-WinTrans software with a variety of fixes and improvements. For a detailed list of the changes introduced with Version, please refer to the "RC-WinTrans 9 Release Notes"

As always Version 9 license holders can download the latest build for free from the customer download area of our Website.

New RC-WinTrans 9.2 and TM Workbench Add-Ons (April 10, 2012)

April 10, 2012: Version 9.2 of RC-WinTrans is the most current version of the software with newly updated features and functionality affecting the find text and import functions, WPF and .NET support, command line processing and more- see the "RC-WinTrans 9 Release Notes" for a complete list.

Version 9 users can download the latest build ( from the customer download area of our Website:
RC-WinTrans 9.2 download...

The latest RC-WinTrans 9.2 also exclusively supports two new add-on products for working with translation memories (TMs) from popular tools SDL Trados 2009/2011 and memoQ 5.0. These "TM Workbench Add-Ons" are fully integrated solutions for accessing, applying and updating TM data while working with RC-WinTrans.

The two new TM Workbench Add-Ons are issued for free with every new RC-WinTrans 9.2 license purchased, as is a copy of our Machine Translation Add-On. These can also be purchased individually by Version 9 users who wish to add the functionality to an existing license.

More information about how the TM Workbench Add-Ons work to support and improve the translation process can be found in the add-ons' respective help systems:
- "TM Workbench for SDL Trados TMs"
- "TM Workbench for memoQ"

Translation Memory Integration for SDL Trados Studio 2009/2011 and memoQ 5.0

January 17, 2012: We are currently working on expanding translation memory support in RC-WinTrans with fully integrated access to memoQ 5.0 and SDL Trados Studio 2009/2011 translation memories. Combining the translation assets of these systems with RC-WinTrans's powerful localization environment makes the entire translation process more efficient and effective.

The new "TM Workbench" Add-Ons for RC-WinTrans will be available in April 2012.

Update- Google Machine Translation (MT) Changes (January 11, 2012)

January 11, 2012: The RC-WinTrans Machine Translation (MT) Add-On has been updated to restore access to the Google Translate service. In December 2011 Google changed the terms of this service from free and unlimited to paid access only. For a period of time we (Schaudin.com) will be covering the costs imposed by Google so that our customers can continue to use the service as before, free of charge. Later on customers will be required to provide a key obtained through their own Google account to which the service can be billed.

The new RC-WinTrans MT Add-On has the version number 3.0 and is available for download by license holders of the add-on.

Microsoft's Bing Translator, the other service used by the MT Add-On, continues to be available at no charge.

Service Release: WPF GUI Editor V2.0 and RC-WinTrans (December 07, 2011)

December 07, 2011: This service release features the WPF GUI Editor for .NET 4.0 and support for translating message compiler files (.MC), as well as the latest bug fixes. License holders can download Version of RC-WinTrans for free from the customer download area of our Website.

Further details about the new version can be found in the
- "RC-WinTrans 9 Release Notes..."
- "WPF GUI Editor Add-On Release Notes..."

Google Machine Translation (MT) Changes (December 01, 2011)

December 01, 2011: Machine translations from Google are no longer accessible from within RC-WinTrans.
The reason is that the free version of the Google Translate API has been officially discontinued and we are still in the process of integrating the new, paid version that has been offered instead. In the meantime machine translations can still be retrieved from Microsoft's Bing Translator (using the MT Add-On for RC-WinTrans).

Now Open: RC-WinTrans User and Support Forum (February 01, 2011)

February 01, 2011: An online forum has been created where RC-WinTrans users can go to ask questions and get support for issues encountered while using RC-WinTrans software.

Main topics of discussion include "Support," "Feature Requests and Suggestions," and "Known Issues."
We invite you to visit and register with the forum. Go to the forum...

New: "WPF GUI Editor for Localization" (January 10, 2011)

January 10, 2011: Schaudin.com is pleased to introduce the ultimate solution for localizing the GUI of Microsoft .NET WPF applications. An add-on to the RC-WinTrans environment, the "WPF GUI Editor for Localization" features WYSIWYG displays, precise layout editing and a familiar interface that makes it easy to create high-quality localized versions of WPF and XAML files.
Feature details...

The WPF GUI Editor for Localization is a new add-on product for RC-WinTrans 9 available for purchase in our online shop.

New Release: RC-WinTrans 9.1 (January 03, 2011)

January 03, 2011: RC-WinTrans 9.1 with enhanced WPF localization support is now available for download and purchase. With this version WPF resources in .NET assembly files can be translated/localized as "true" WPF, meaning inside a native environment (WPF GUI Editor) which by design handles the display and modification of WPF elements and their related settings in the most accurate and efficient manner possible. The complete source data from a WPF assembly (EXE or DLL)- including WPF windows and menus- is read, presented and rendered for translation with RC-WinTrans.

Feature details...

As always current license holders can download the latest build ( for free on our Website.

Coming Soon!
True "WPF GUI Editor for Localization"
(September 25, 2010)

"WPF GUI Editor for Localization": The ultimate solution for localizing Microsoft .NET WPF applications will soon be available as an add-on to the RC-WinTrans environment. Featuring highly accurate displays, comprehensive data access and advanced editing options, the new "WPF GUI Editor for Localization" will support the localization of WPF windows more completely than any other tool on the market. Users will welcome the familiar Microsoft interface and the ease with which WPF applications can be translated/prepared for international distribution. As always, RC-WinTrans ensures data is securely stored and transferred, properly presented and fully functional in the final product. In short, the WPF Editor’s precision combines with the new WPF localization technology of RC-WinTrans (V9.1, December 2010) to provide a solution of unprecedented power and value.

See also: WPF Localization with RC-WinTrans

The "WPF GUI Editor for Localization" will support .NET 3.5 and 4.0 assemblies and XAML files created with Microsoft Visual Studio 2008 or 2010. It is scheduled for release in January 2011.

For additional information in advance of the product's release, please feel free to contact us (e-mail: info@schaudin.com).

"Google & Microsoft" Machine Translation Add-On (June 04, 2010)

Access two excellent sources of online machine translations- Microsoft® Translator and Google™ Translate- while working with RC-WinTrans and include them in certain dictionary-related operations using this new product add-on.
Dozens of different language pairs are supported and the integration between RC-WinTrans and the selected online MT system is seamless and direct.

For further information see the Machine Translation Add-On Help.

The Machine Translation Add-On supercedes the Google MT Add-On previously sold and supplied by Schaudin.com. Customers who purchased the Google MT Add-On may download the new MT Add-On for free from the customer download area of our Website.

Micosoft .NET 4.0 (from May 15, 2010)

A new RC-WinTrans 9 service release ( adds features and improvements like support for .NET 4.0 files and a performance enhancement for the External .NET Forms Editor; also the MS Excel Import/Export Add-On is updated making it possible to run import/export operations via the command line.

For a full list of changes see the "Version 9 Release Notes".

As always the latest build can be accessed from the customer download area of our Website.

RC-WinTrans 9 is here! (from February 16, 2010)

The RC-WinTrans tradition of reliability and excellence in software localization passes to a new Version 9, now available for trial, purchase and download.

RC-WinTrans 9 builds upon the successes of X8 with new features and functions- in limited quantity initially, but increasing over time as Version 9 becomes the primary focus of our support and development efforts from this point on.

RC-WinTrans X8 users may update to Version 9 now or at some point in the future, according to their individual requirements. Support and service releases for Version X8 will be ongoing.

The initial release of RC-WinTrans 9 introduces a built-in news service, multiple target language columns in the Text Table view and other additions described in the “What’s New” section of our product info (link).

We look forward to providing our customers with our most advanced software localization solutions/innovations to date with the new RC-WinTrans 9.

See details: "Release Notes" and "What´s New"

Coming in 2010: RC-WinTrans 9! (from December 2009)

The RC-WinTrans tradition of quality and reliability in software localization continues with a new Version 9, to be released in February 2010.

Except for a few improvements/additions, Version 9 will initially be identical to the current RC-WinTrans X8. It will, however, be replacing X8 as the main focus of our development and support efforts to become the most advanced, and ultimately preferred, version of RC-WinTrans. New features and improvements, including some that have been suggested by our customers, will be implemented for and available exclusively in the new Version 9.

Customers who purchased RC-WinTrans X8 in 2009 will be able to update to RC-WinTrans 9 for free. All other license holders will receive a special update price, if and when Version 9 is desired.

Support and maintenance for RC-WinTrans X8 (and its predecessor, RC-WinTrans 7) is ongoing. The most recent build versions of RC-WinTrans Versions 7 through 9 will always be available on the customer download pages of our Website.

RC-WinTrans Update (Version 8.8.2) (from May 2009)

Get new features and the latest changes with the most recent RC-WinTrans X8 release, now available in the RC-WinTrans X8 customer download area.

Version 8.8.2 updates the RC-WinTrans application with:
  • Support for 64-bit (x64) application files including those from Windows and .NET Forms (EXE/DLL).
  • MS Word integration for displaying and modifying translation texts, or for accessing additional functions available in MS Word.
  • Updated Spell Check.
  • MS Word Spell Check integration.
  • Other improvements and fixes.
See details: "Release Notes" and "What´s New"

Free Add-Ons (from May 2009)

Additional functionality and options for RC-WinTrans X8 are available as free downloads in the RC-WinTrans X8 customer download area:

  • Extra Functions 1 Add-On implementing certain user requests and suggestions. Details: Add-On Online Help...
  • Multiline Editor Add-On allowing texts with new line and tab control characters to be displayed and edited in RC-WinTrans. Details: Add-On Online Help...
  • VBA GUI language (12 different) installation files for the Microsoft Visual Basic Editor and the VBA Help.

New Product: RC-WinTrans X8 Add-On for Google Machine Translation (from January 2009)

The new add-on lets you retrieve machine translations via the Internet while working with RC-WinTrans. It accesses the Google Translation Web interface to quickly and easily supply a translator with machine-generated translations for as many as 34 different languages.

For more information see: The Google Machine Translation Add-On can be purchased in our online shop and downloaded from our customer download area.

New MS Excel Import/Export Add-On (from December 2008)

A new RC-WinTrans Add-On has been created to simplify and speed up the processes of importing translation data from and exporting it to an Excel spreadsheet.

For more information about the add-on, check the online help system found here: "Excel Import/Export Add-On"

Custom Solutions grow to include support for Logoport WEB TMs (from 20. November 2007)

A special add-on component that lets RC-WinTrans interact with the Web-based Logoport translation memory (TM) system from Lionbridge technologies is the latest custom solution from Schaudin.com. Logoport's centrally-located translation memories grant users across the globe access to one and the same translation data, eliminating the need to purchase special licensing and/or translation resources for all translators. There's also nothing to install, and the data remains secure while being accessed and modified. The Add-On allows Web TMs from Logoport to be incorporated into RC-WinTrans' dictionary-related operations to further support the localization process.

Supported operations include:
  • Automatic translation
  • Find translation
  • Save translation
  • Concordance search
  • Uniform translation check
Online help: "Logoport Add-On"

Translators access the Logoport server via the Internet using login information provided to Lionbridge clients and translators who use Freeway, Lionbridge's online service delivery platform. Once connected, RC-WinTrans (equipped with the add-on for Logoport) can be used to localize entire software projects, quickly and easily. To learn more about Freeway and Logoport, please visit the Lionbridge Website at www.lionbridge.com. The RC-WinTrans Add-On for Logoport is completely implemented using Microsoft Visual Basic for Applications, and is just one example of the advanced customization options made possible with RC-WinTrans' unique and open technological design. Additional information on RC-WinTrans Add-Ons can be found here. Specific inquiries should be directed to our support team by e-mail at support@schaudin.com.