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For support issues and specific questions related to RC-WinTrans' use, features and functions.
09.10.2018 15:49:27

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I now received XML files for translations which are looking like this:

<?xml version="1.0" encoding="UTF-8" standalone="yes" ?>
<Entry Id="1102">Access to the file denied! The file is most likely already in use</Entry>
<Entry Id="1103">If you are the only user, the file might have the wrong attributes set!</Entry>
<Entry Id="1104">The file or directory already exists!</Entry>
<Entry Id="1105">You are not allowed to overwrite.</Entry>
<Entry Id="1128">The file has been edited!</Entry>
<Entry Id="1129">Save changes?</Entry>
RCWT is asking for a 'XMLParser-Location.xsl' when I want to open the XML.
I tried to manage it to write such a file based on examples I have found, but could not manage it.
Any idea/help to guide me to build up a XSL to handle these kinds of XML file?

BTW: I'm using v10 of RCWT.

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Home » RC-WinTrans Support » XMLParser file for Localizations

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