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Home » RC-WinTrans Support » Command line Export Excel Error (161)

For support issues and specific questions related to RC-WinTrans' use, features and functions.
15.02.2017 11:28:34

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Version : RC-WinTrans 9.4 Global (April 2014)

I want to export the strings in Excel file, command line :
RWTCmd.exe /Export projectRC.rwtproject "" en "ToTranslateEN.xls" /nontrans /macro ExcelImportExportAddOnV3 /module CommandLine

But I have the following error:
Error (161): The VBA module "CommandLine" does not exist.

Can you help me please ? Thank you

Doc : http://rc-wintrans.schaudin.com/addons/excel/Automation/CommandLineCommands.htm#Export
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16.02.2017 18:37:38

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Hello ManuMalo,

check with version of the " ExcelImportExportAddOnV3.macro" loaded by your RC-WinTrans.

- start RC-WinTans
- open the "About" dialog and select the "Add-Ons & VBA Macros Files" tab
- the version of " ExcelImportExportAddOnV3" will be "3.2 Feb. 2014"

You should try it with a newer one. The latest is "3.4 (Jan 2015)"
I can send you the latest version.

I cannot reproduce right the error you get.
"Error (161): The VBA module "CommandLine" does not exist"
Maybe there is macro active/loaded by your RC-WinTrans prior to version "3.2"? -- a macro which does have the "CommandLine" module implemented (?).
Please check the version number of the " ExcelImportExportAddOnV3.macro" .

Support, Schaudin.com
edited by Support on 16.02.2017
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Home » RC-WinTrans Support » Command line Export Excel Error (161)

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